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The Pacific Institute of Safety and Health (PISH), is a leading Health and Safety Institute situated in the capital of India's state of Uttar Pradesh.

Pacific Institute of Safety & Health, commonly known as PISH is in service to create highly qualified professionals in the field of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). The emerging demand for occupational Health & Safety professionals invites millions of job opportunities globally. Pacific Institute, since its inception, is working tirelessly towards creating professional leaders to fill this requirement. Our students, now working all over in the world, are contributing in the development of a safe working environment everywhere.

The teaching and training procedure, the practical, the field and site visits, the workshop....., every nook and cranny of the study aspect is taught with zeal to infuse real workplace experience in the mind and practice of our students. The list of our alumni makes strong contribution by suggesting and advising through their experience.

PISH is an authorized center from, Glocal University (UGC Approved), BSS, Planning commission (now Niti Ayog), Government of India., ICRQUK, Medic First Aid (HSI (Health and safety Institute America, The American Safety and Health Institute is an association of health and safety educators based in Eugene, OR that provides certification in CPR, First Aid, and other basic topics for laypersons and professionals). It is dedicated to create professionals in the field of Health and Safety.

We offer more than 70 courses in the field of Health and Safety. Our students are now working all over the world. It is the only institute in India which provides practical trainings in almost all HSE streams. It is this uniqueness of the institution that drives students from all over India. The students from other institutions repeat their study after knowing the uniqueness and specialties of our institution.

The uniqueness of PISH is its consolidated and unified education and training approach, which is prepared by unifying national and international safety standards through critical examination by our national and international experts. All the trainers in the institute are internationally experienced. They give in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as their hard earned experience.

One more unique quality of the institute is its national and international advisory forum. The highly experienced professionals share and advise their experience with the students and enhance their knowledge with the latest developments in the field of Health and Safety.

Due to the growing demand of health and safety professionals in the country as well as around the globe and understanding the fact that there is a dearth of quality education provider (in the field of health and safety), SOSP (a group of highly experienced safety professionals), decided to setup a high quality safety institute. The range of our advisors and list of our success stories need no further explanation of our potential......