Diploma in Fire Engineering and Safety Management Institute in Ambedkar Nagar: Course Overview

It has taken centuries for fire safety to evolve since the Great Fire of London in 1066. The Diploma in Fire and Safety is becoming more relevant in every city due to the construction of high-rise buildings and modern infrastructure. This is a set of practices designed to reduce the destruction caused by fire, which is a sub-compound of building safety, preventing fires, and safety. Fire prevention is one of the toughest and most challenging professions, as it requires a strong commitment to public services and is therefore equally respected. As a consequence, Fire and Safety are among the hottest fields of study in today's universities. Get online fire safety courses with certifications in Ambedkar Nagar at the Pacific Institute of Safety and Health (PISH).


What is the Diploma in Fire and Safety Management?

This one-year course fulfils the legal criteria for fulfilling the responsibilities of a firefighter or fire supervisor, enabling them to restrict, control, and extinguish a fire at the support level. Every factory, mall, power plant, oil refinery, or any other institution required by Indian law to protect itself against fire hazards must employ a fireman. Upon completion of this fire and safety diploma education, students will be qualified to work in any sector in India as a Fireman, Fire Safety Assistant, or Safety Supervisor.


Why Pursue Diploma in Fire and Safety?

  • This programme prepares applicants for employment in the field of safety through intensive training and study sessions. In tandem with the rise in hazards, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for safety workers.
  • If you're interested in pursuing an engineering degree in this field, getting a diploma in Fire and Safety Management could be helpful. There will be significant growth in career opportunities for those in this industry over the years, despite the majority of opportunities being tied to crisis management and security. Increasing industry growth also leads to an increase in safety requirements.
  • Human error or malfunctioning machinery, for example, lead to this type of accident in industries like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), the Central Industrial Security Force (CNSC), and mining. Even a small incident could result in the loss of many lives in these regions because they normally contain large numbers of workers and personnel. In order to ensure safety, firefighter precautions must be taken.


Fire Engineering and Safety Management: Course Highlights

Diploma in Fire and Safety Course Fees in Ambedkar Nagar Institute

Course Name

Diploma in Fire and Safety Management

Course Level


Examination Type


Admission Process



6 months

Top Recruiters

CISF (Central Industrial Security Force), ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation), Health and Safety Department, City Municipal Corporations, etc.  


Course Summary of Fare and Safety Diploma

Fire and Safety diploma courses teach students the prevention and management of fires. Students learn how to follow and maintain safety standards during a fire hazard during this one-year course. After completing 10+2, students may study this course for a diploma. Students can also enjoy better career opportunities and promotions after earning the Diploma in Fire and Safety course. As well as better career opportunities, students can also benefit from promotions and advancements. The candidate must earn at least 40% or equivalent grades from a recognized statutory board even though there is no entrance examination required for this course. Civil and industrial fire departments are particularly interested in this diploma course because it combines bespoke operational development and academic qualifications according to aspirants' needs. Fire and safety management course fees are the lowest in our institute to deliver the best fire and safety jobs with certification in Ambedkar Nagar.



Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering

10th or Above

Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazard Management

10th or Above

Diploma in Safety Management

10th or Above

Diploma in Fire Sub Officer


Diploma in Industrial Safety

10+2 (Science)/ 2 Year ITI

PG Diploma in Health Safety Environment

Diploma/B.Sc./B. Tech

PG Diploma in Industrial Safety

Graduation in any Stream

PG Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazard Management

Graduation in any Stream

PG Diploma in Disaster Management

Graduation in any Stream

Advanced Diploma in Safety Management

Graduation in any Stream

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

Diploma/B.Sc./B. Tech with 1 Year of Industrial Experience


Admission Process of Diploma in Fire and Safety

  • Candidates for the Diploma in Fire and Safety Management programme are admitted solely on the basis of their merits.
  • Applicants to the program are admitted based on their grades from the 12th grade.
  • The cut-off grades for merit lists may vary from institution to institution depending on their selection standards.
  • Online and offline applications can both be submitted through the college's website and brochure. It is important to pay close attention to all of the Institute's qualifications on our website to avoid any complications during the admission process.


Eligibility Criteria of Diploma in Fire and Safety

  • The minimum threshold for admission is a 10+2 from a recognized board in any relevant field (Commerce, Science, or Arts).
  • No entrance exam, group discussion, or personal interview is required.


An overview of the Fire Safety Diploma Curriculum

There is a combination of theoretical and practical content in the Diploma in Fire and Safety course. Training sessions and mock drills are conducted based on real-life scenarios and incidents. Firefighting and fire science are the main focus of the program. Among the topics covered in the course are fire prevention, communication systems, engineering of fire safety, and first aid. The students who complete this course will be prepared to enter the field of Fire and Safety Management as professionals after completing the course.

Accident Investigation

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Special Fire Hazards

Fire Protection Systems

Search and Rescue Techniques

Fire Fighting Equipment

Industrial Safety Management

Health Safety Environment

Explosions and Fire Dynamics

Hydraulics and Pumps

Practical Training

Techniques for you during a fire

How to Use various tools of firefighting

In-depth study of risk and methods to deal

Monitoring Safety and prevention to avoid accidents

Methods to apply in industries to deal with safety

On Ground Training

Theory Sessions


Job Opportunities for Fire Safety Diploma Holders

An engineering degree in this field can prove useful for candidates who wish to pursue engineering in this field. With time, the number of job opportunities in this sector will significantly increase, even if they are mainly in disaster management and security. This is due to the increasing demand for safety measures in the industry. Job opportunities are abundant in refineries, industries, power boards, fire safety training institutes, the armed forces, and chemical plants.

Job Profile

Job Description

Avg. Annual Salary

Safety Consultant

Enhances workplace safety measures through the development of programs.

Rs. 8,00,000

Station Supervisor/ Master

Supervision and management of subordinates and staff.

Rs. 2,90,000

Fire Officer

Ensure that all safety departments are overseen. Maintain strict adherence to all rules.

Rs. 2,50,000

Safety Supervisor

Assuring the safety of staff, company, and people under the guidance of the regional safety manager.

Rs. 2,30,000


A Fire and Safety Diploma Pays a Higher Salary

There are lucrative salary packages available to professionals in the safety and fire industry. Depending on their level or designation, the salary of a fire safety engineer varies. Here is a list of some of the fields and their packages.

Job Profile

Expected Salary

Fire and Safety Consultant

4 LPA as a Fresher

Fire Protection Engineer

4.5 LPA

Fire Safety Officer


Fire Engineer

2.5 LPA


Is Fire Safety a Good Career?

Anyone looking for a challenging and competitive career can benefit from a career in fire technology and safety. An excellent Fire Technology and Safety Diploma program is offered at the Pacific Institute of Safety and Health in Ambedkar Nagar. With well-equipped labs and classrooms, as well as a curriculum designed with current and upcoming industry requirements in mind, PISH (Pacific Institute of Safety and Health) provides students with a comprehensive experience. In order for our students to be employed and well-qualified, we strive to provide them with the finest education possible. Become a member of PISH and take the first step towards a brighter future.


Fire and Safety Management institute in Ambedkar Nagar

PISH: Pacific Institute of Safety and Health, is Ambedkar Nagar’s best and government-approved Institute for Fire Safety Engineering Courses and Health Safety and Management. We offer Fire safety management courses in Ambedkar Nagar. We are the Government approved Fire and Safety Institute which provides the best Fire and Safety diploma courses in Ambedkar Nagar. Get a certified Diploma from a Government approved institute affiliated with a reputed university. We are offering Fire Safety, Health Safety, Industrial Health and Safety, etc. courses from the best Fire Safety management mentors/teachers which helps you to enhance your career and get a reputed job in the respective industry. By using fire protection measures appropriately, fire and safety measures are used to inhibit the effects of fire difficulties. Installations or constructions that ensure the safety of residents within offices, universities, and marriage halls, whether in the event of a fire or any other emergency, are considered essential fire safety measures.

What is CISF?

A highly sensitive, vulnerable and hazardous unit such as a Petro-Chemical Complex, an Oil Refinery, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Ports and Petrol Stations, are protected by the CISF Fire Service Wing, the country's largest and best-trained fire fighting Force.


Tips for Fire Safety

Every level of your home should have smoke alarms, as well as bedrooms and sleeping areas outside the house. Make sure smoke alarms are tested every month. Change the batteries if they don't work. Practice a fire escape plan twice a year with all family members.


FAQs About Diploma in Fire and Safety


Question. What is the fee for pursuing a diploma course in fire and safety?

Answer. Course materials, examination fees, and administration fees are all included in the Fire and Safety course fees. It is estimated that course fees range between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000.


Question. What is the duration of a diploma course in fire and safety?

Answer. A diploma in fire and safety institutes in Ambedkar Nagar may require 6 months of study, depending on their rules.


Question. Who should opt for a Fire Safety Management Course?

Answer. Those who are already working in the fire safety and rescue departments of organizations and wish to elevate their rank to become Fire Safety Officers should attend this course. This course is also suitable for individuals working in specialized fields such as aviation that involve fire and rescue operations. Additionally, candidates interested in learning about fire science can also enrol in this course.


Question. What job opportunities are available after completing Fire Safety Management Training in Ambedkar Nagar?

Answer. The number of government and private job opportunities available to firefighters and safety professionals is increasing every day. The following job roles are available in different industries:

  • Safety Officer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Safety Consultant
  • Fire Officer
  • Fireman
  • Instructor
  • Station Master
  • Safety Supervisor


Question. What is the alternative Diploma in Fire and Safety Management course?

Answer. A bachelor's degree in fire and safety management is required. A vast demand for skilled professionals in Fire and Safety exists outside of India as well as in India. The Fire and Safety courses in India can give you in-depth knowledge and strategies to prevent mishaps if you wish to pursue further studies in this field at Ambedkar Nagar. Are you thinking about studying in Ambedkar Nagar? Get expert help from the Pacific Institute of Safety and Health (PISH) to achieve a better job in this field.


Question. Which is the best institute for fire and safety in Ambedkar Nagar? 

Answer. PISH: Pacific Institute of Safety and Health offers the best Fire and Safety courses in Ambedkar Nagar. Get the best Fire and Safety courses from Government approved institute in Ambedkar Nagar- PISH Fire and Safety Institute in Ambedkar Nagar.


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